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Determining where a child will reside is a very difficult and emotional decision following a divorce. Ideally, the provided solution will be in the best interest of the child’s emotional and physical health. If you find yourself in need of a Boca Raton divorce attorney to determine the custody of your child, the Law Offices of of Theodore H. Enfield – P.A. will work hard to make sure your perspective is clearly explained and increase your chances of gaining custody.

Determining Child Custody in Florida

The established goal of a custody case is to determine the living situation that will best benefit the child. Your judge will be responsible for considering all of the factors in order to decide who will get joint or partial custody. Ideally, Florida judges prefer to divide custody equally between each parent and maintain continual contact with both parents. However, there are a variety of factors that may cause a judge to limit communication with one parent. With the assistance of a divorce attorney Boca Raton trusts, you will stay informed throughout the process.

Child’s Physical Health

The most important factor during a custody battle is the safety of the child. If one parent has a history of physical, domestic or sexual abuse, neglect or abandonment, a judge may limit or remove the amount of contact they are permitted to have with their child. The same is true for the health of the parent themselves. If there is evidence of domestic abuse, drug use or severe mental illness in either parent, the judge will take this into account.

Morality of Each Parent

Because custody will impact the way a minor is raised, courts must consider how the character of each parent will affect the upbringing of the child. If there is a record of abuse, illegal activity, verbal abuse or frequent casual relationships with a variety of partners, it could be argued these actions could be transferred to your child. Therefore, priority will be given to the other guardian.

State of Parent Relationship

The courts recognize that the state of the relationship between both parents will greatly impact the emotional health of your child. Therefore, you and the other parent are encouraged to minimize the amount of stress placed on your child as a result of the custody proceedings. If a parent appears to be unable to refrain from verbally degrading the other parent in front of the child, adhere to the agreed upon parenting schedule, work alongside the other parent for all major parenting decisions or keep the other guardian informed about issues regarding your child, the court will be less likely to allow custody.

Superior Emotional Support

The emotional growth and development is as crucial to a child as their physical health. The court will discover how involved each parent is in their academic, social, extracurricular and medical life. If it appears that one parent is much more knowledgeable and involved, they will take priority.

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At the Law Offices of of Theodore H. Enfield – P.A., we understand how sensitive the topic of child custody is. Our divorce lawyers in Boca Raton, FL will be patient with you throughout the entire process and answer any questions you may have. Whether you want joint custody or are fighting for sole custody, we have plenty of experience with these cases and will fight hard for both you and your child. If you need assistance with child custody, contact us today.

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