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Florida Child Support Q&A

The divorce process becomes more difficult when children are involved. Allow the Law Offices of Theodore Enfield, P.A. to answer your concerns pertaining to Florida child support.

What is the purpose of child support?

Child support is a court-ordered provision that requires a parent to make payments to the custodial parent in order to meet the financial needs of a child. When couples separate or divorce, the financial status and quality of life experienced by a child may change dramatically. Child support ensures that despite these changes, children have access to necessities, such as food, clothing, education and medical care. Child support may also provide for a child’s extracurricular activities, traveling expenses, and college costs. If you are interested in child support for the benefit of your children, speak to a child support lawyer in Gainesville, FL today.

Is it possible to refuse child support?

No. When a court orders child support, it does not matter if you believe that the order is unnecessary. Judges have a reason for ordering child support. It is your responsibility to accept the funds and utilize them to care for your child.

Will I be required to pay child support?

If you are divorcing with children, it is very much possible that you may be required to pay child support. Once assigned by a court of law, you are legally obligated to make consistent payments in a timely manner.

How much child support will I be ordered to pay?

The amount of child support will be determined by a court of law based on numerous factors, such as your income and the child’s needs. Consider speaking to Gainesville divorce attorneys to gain a deeper understanding of how courts calculate child support.

How do courts calculate child support?

The child’s interests and needs are at the top of concern. Special attention is also focused on the financial statuses of both parents. Courts will consider a variety of information to determine:

  1. If child support is necessary.
  2. The amount of child support payments that are necessary.

Who is responsible for determining if I have to pay child support?

During divorce, your co-parent/spouse may request child support for the judge’s consideration. The judge makes the governing decision on child support determination, whether child support is requested or not.

Is it possible to modify child support?

Yes. Conditions such as changes in income and/or changes in a child’s needs may result in a modification of child support.

For more information on Florida child support, visit our Gainesville family law firm today.

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