Divorce with Children

Boca Raton Divorce With Young Children

Going through a divorce can be a difficult and complicated time for many people, and it often becomes even more complex when there are young children involved. Divorce for young children can be difficult to understand, and if not handled correctly, it can be detrimental to them. That is why when it comes to divorce with young children, the judge will take their needs and wellbeing into consideration to form a decision that is the most beneficial to them. If the child’s relationship and living circumstances are good with both parents then both parents will likely share the child, making it necessary for them to put their differences aside and devise a plan where both will spend fair time with him or her. Having an attorney present during divorce can ensure that your child’s best interest is kept in mind. At the Law Offices of Theodore H. Enfield, P.A., we can provide you with a divorce attorney Boca Raton residents can trust.

Florida Child Support

In the State of Florida, both parents are required to support their children. The state follows the “Income Shares Model,” which estimates the amount each parent would spend on the children if the family was living in one household without the divorce. That amount is then divided between the parents depending on their income. This includes the standard of living of the child before the divorce, the assets and income of the custodial and noncustodial parent and the present and future needs and desires of the child. A Boca Raton divorce lawyer can help ensure that all of the child’s needs are met.

Determining Custody

When a judge is determining custody, the child’s emotional and developmental needs will be a priority. Judges expect parents to put the needs of their children first, so the judge will carefully examine each parent’s relationship with the child, involvement in their life and ability and desire to meet their needs. This includes being part of their daily activities; knowing the people he/she interacts with such as friends, teachers, doctors, etc.; participation in the child’s life; parenting abilities; and even lifestyle and work. The court favors parents and parenting plans that supply what a child needs, as well as maintaining stability with minimal disruption. If both parents can work together for the wellbeing of the child, Florida law often favors joint custody. A Boca Raton Divorce Attorney can make sure that both parents are able to care for the child as needed.

Parenting Plans

If parents are sharing time with their young child then a solid parenting plan must be established. Parenting plans can be different, depending on the child’s and parent’s circumstances, but all of them must meet certain needs. These include sharing responsibility for daily tasks, a time-sharing schedule for the child, a designated address for important aspects of a child’s life such as school and other activities, specific methods of communication for parents to stay in contact with their child and a designated person who’s responsible for healthcare and academic matters. Boca Raton divorce lawyers have the knowledge and experience to help you devise a solid parenting plan.

Divorce Lawyers in Boca Raton

Divorce when children are involved differs from other forms of divorce because the child’s needs become the first priority, and parents often continue to interact due to this factor. At the Law Offices of Theodore H. Enfield, P.A., we can provide you with a divorce lawyer in Boca Raton to ensure that both you and your ex-spouse are able to provide what the child needs through a plan that does not affect his or her wellbeing. Contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions | Divorce with Children

The Law Offices of Theodore Enfield provides answers to of your questions regarding divorce with young children.

Are children able to comprehend the meaning of divorce at early ages?

Children are curious, inquisitive and observant by nature. They have different ways of processing and interpreting significant events. They may feel or understand when a change in the structure of a family occurs, such as divorce, even if they are unable to pinpoint the exact cause of that change. At such young ages, children may not fully comprehend the meaning of divorce, but they will certainly feel or detect when the family dynamics shift.

How may a divorce affect my kids?

Divorce will have an impact on your children that may be positive or negative. In terms of traveling and scheduling arrangements, your children may be required to juggle and alternate times with you and the co-parent. This sort of child custody sharing will have to be explained to children beforehand so that they do not experience excess confusion.

In addition, divorce may have mental, cognitive, developmental, physiological and behavioral effects on your kids.

Will my divorce be bad for my children?

Divorce is often perceived as a bad thing, but it is often a necessary good thing for a family. Divorce may potentially lead to minor or major negative effects on your children. Because of this realization, working with child experts and openly communicating with your child before, during, and after a divorce is key.

What are some ways that children cope with divorce?

Children are known for relying on creative coping mechanisms to handle harsh realities. Some children may reject the divorce and pretend that nothing has changed. Other children may develop attachments to toys, activities, invisible friends, television shows, sports, or even certain types of food. There are also some children who withdraw from their usual preferences, desires and activities. In some occasions, children may develop varying ways to deal with obstacles that may occur throughout life. For example, children may experience an emotional disengagement after a divorce. This emotional unavailability may follow them throughout the remainder of their lives. On the other hand, some children develop a peculiar type of strength that enables them to overcome obstacles throughout their life with ease.

It would be against our morale if we did not fully disclose what we know about the effects of divorce on children and how children may cope with divorce issues. Please keep in mind, however, that your child’s ability or method of coping with divorce does not always have to be negative. Visit our divorce law firm to discover ways to communicate with your children healthily so that their coping devices equate to positive experiences.

Do I need to hire a lawyer for my child?

You may need to hire a lawyer for your child. This will ensure that your child’s needs are met. In cases of child abuse/neglect, it is especially important to hire a child lawyer.

What is the purpose of a guardian appointment?

A court may appoint a guardian over your child to care for him/her, make governing decisions for him/her, or provide for his/her expenses. There are many reasons why a court may deem a guardian appointment necessary. In highly contestable divorce cases, it may be best to remove a child from under the care of their parents until the issues between the divorcing spouses are squared away. This helps to prevent children from experiencing additional negative feelings or developing biases against their parents.

For what reasons will my child need a lawyer?

Your child may need a lawyer if child abuse or neglect occurred within the home. In cases in which parents are unable to reach an agreement on who will serve as the custodial parent, a lawyer can advocate for a child to ensure that he/she is placed in the environment that is most suitable to his/her needs, desires, safety and wellbeing.

Is it wise to request a lawyer for my child?

It is always wise to request a lawyer for your child.

What do I do if the court denies my request for a child lawyer?

If you request a lawyer for your child and you are denied, you will need to work very closely with your Boca Raton divorce lawyer. Divorce attorneys are trained to handle all issues pertaining to divorce, including those associated with children. Be clear and forthcoming about your concerns with your lawyer so that he/she is able to advocate for you in a court of law in a way that positions your child’s interests at the top of concern.

What type of work will my child lawyer perform?

Your child’s lawyer may interview your child and perform investigation inside of your home. The attorney will also present his/her findings during court proceedings in order to promote the best interests of your child.

Should I trust that my child’s lawyer will uphold his/her best interests?

Yes. The purpose of your child’s lawyer is to ensure that his/her interests are upheld during divorce.

Am I required to assist the lawyer?

Yes. You may be required to transport your child to appointments with the lawyer, as well as release documents to the lawyer. You will also be required to review, sign and approve paperwork.

Who affords attorney fees for my child’s lawyer?

As a parent, you and your co-parent are responsible for affording your child’s attorney fees. In some cases, courts may cover legal representation for children whose parents lack the resources to afford (additional) legal fees.

How do I request child legal representation and services?

Speak to a divorce attorney in Boca Raton, FL for insight on requesting child legal representation and services. It is also possible to request a child lawyer with the court of law that hears/handles your divorce case.

For more information on divorcing with children, contact Boca Raton, FL attorneys at the Law Offices of Theodore Enfield as soon as possible. We offer free initial case evaluations for your convenience.

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